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The Government is Tracking You: License Plate Reader

The Government is Tracking You: License Plate Reader

Pasadena Privacy for All Event: Pasadena Police Department License Plate Readers

The Government is Tracking You: License Plate Reader

Join Pasadena Privacy for All to learn and discuss the mass collection and use of your data by city governments, police departments, and private companies.

On February 15, 2021 at 6 pm, we will speak about ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) technology and discuss recent revelations that the Cities of Pasadena and Long Beach collected and shared individuals’ sensitive license plate data with federal immigration authorities, other police departments, and agencies around the country. Speakers include privacy and legal experts who will help us understand what happened, why this harms vulnerable populations in our communities, and what we can do about it.

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Allen Edson, President
Ron Matthews, 1st Vice President
Nicole Bernard, 2nd Vice President
Juanita West-Tillman, Secretary
Tommye Martin, Asst. Secretary

Allisonne Crawford
Alma Stokes
Dominick Correy
Florence Annang
Jacquelyne James
Jouslynn Griffin
Lynnette West-Cater
Mark Sutton
Prentist Deadrick
Rian Barrett
Sharon Strong
Shreen Young
Taylor Morton
Tisha Washington
Tommye Martin ​

May 2024
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