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Thanks to our community  friends and partners who have provided content.  If you would like to add to this page, please contact us.

Please see the links below, regarding a free summer camp at the ArtCenter College of Design in conjunction with STEAM:CODERS. We are seeking PUSD students who are interested in learning Design in 3D and “creating virtual worlds.” We to need to submit the names of your applicants, so they can receive priority status. This camp will fill up quickly, so you need to act fast. Thank you. 
Unreal Engine – by Epic Games
ArtCenter Extension: 5-day class (Summer 2022)
Designing in 3D: Creating Virtual Worlds
The goal is to provide teens age 13-18  with a basic introduction to the professions available and tools used in 3D design. The class would be taught by a member of the ArtCenter Ccollege.
This course, sponsored by Epic Games, is being offered free of charge to our STEAM:CODERS students and will consist of a cohort of 12-15 students. Students will gain hands-on experience learning about leading software programs such as Unreal Engine. Afterwards, students will provide feedback on the class.

The program is open to expectant African-American mothers that reside in Pasadena, Arcadia, South Pasadena, Altadena, Monrovia, Duarte and surrounding areas.  It offers emotional support, cultural awareness and educational workshops on a range of topics such as pregnancy, SIDS, etc. The BIH Program also offers referrals and provides items such as monthly diapers drop-offs to participants, clothes, car seats etc (while supplies last).

Real ID – DMV Info

Starting May 3, 2023, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will require a valid passport or other federally approved document, like a REAL ID driver’s license or identification card, to board flights within the United States and access secure federal facilities and military bases.

To apply for a REAL ID, an applicant must provide a valid Social Security number, proof of identity and two proofs of California residency. A list of qualifying documents and other helpful information can be found at

The DMV is no longer requiring a document with a Social Security number after updating its system following passage of the REAL ID Modernization Act, which will allow for further process improvements in the future. The DMV continues to streamline its processes and incorporate technology to become more mobile and better serve its customers through more convenient service options.

With more customers using online services, DMV offices have more space to accommodate Californians who need a REAL ID or otherwise have to visit an office.

Contact Tracing Job Opportunities

The West LA AJCC is currently recruiting for Contact Tracer, Contact Tracing Team Lead, and Contact Tracing Division Manager positions.  Compensation is $25/hour for Managers, $22.50/hour for Leads and $21.65/hour for Contact Tracers.  The work is to be done 100% remotely.  Interested persons must send resumes to [email protected].


Walktober: African American History of Pasadena Walking Tour

NAACP collaboration with The Pasadena Street Coalition. As a part of Walktober we are honored to partner with the NAACP Pasadena Branch and host a self-guided “Walking Tour of the African American History of Pasadena.” Without the contributions of the elders of the NAACP Pasadena Branch, FAME Senior Ministry and the President Allen Edson this tour would not exist.

The tour consists of 14 locations primarily in North West Pasadena, centering on individuals and events of historical significance to the African American Community, which also provides Pasadena its rich history.

Link to walking tour:…/c2e918f7-5a8d-4877-be85-d903cba67255

An Incomplete Antiracist Reading List
courtesy of Vromans Bookstore

“To build a nation of equal opportunity for everyone, we need to dismantle this spurious legacy of our common upbringing. One of the best ways to do this is by reading books. Not books that reinforce old ideas about who we think we are, what we think America is, what we think racism is. Instead, we need to read books that are difficult or unorthodox, that don’t go down easily. Books that force us to confront our self-serving beliefs and make us aware that “I’m not racist” is a slogan of denial…By not running from the books that pain us, we can allow them to transform us. “

– Ibram X. Kendi (professor and director of the Antiracist Research & Policy Center at American University, National Book Award-winning author of “Stamped From the Beginning)