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LA County Sheriff Dept. Abuse Accountability

LA County Sheriff Dept. Abuse Accountability

Holding LA County Sheriff’s Department Accountable for Abandoning Abuse Reforms

LA Cty Sheriff Accountability flyer

Less than a decade after Sheriff Paul Tanaka and numerous Sheriff’s Deputies were sentenced to prison – with former Sheriff Lee Baca currently appealing his prison sentence – for ail inmate abuse, dishonesty, and obstruction of justice.  LASD now claims deputies were unfairly fired for misconduct, and aims to reverse the reforms that followed.

The County Board of Supervisors, local press, government oversight organizations and a growing number of citizens who supported the reforms are now concerned that the Department is abandoning them with impunity.  Many previously fired deputies are being rehired.  Internal investigations of deputies alleged to have committed misconduct have been halted, and other reforms reversed.  For example, deputies’ heavy metal flashlights, often used to abuse jail inmates, were forbidden and now have returned.

Co-sponsors include The LWV-LA, the LA County LWV, the ACLU SoCal/Pasadena-Foothills Chapter, Pasadenans Organizing for Progress (POP), NDLON (National Day Laborers Organizing Network), Altadena Town Councilwoman Veronica Jones, the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Greater Pasadena (IMA), Indivisible Pasadena/Altadena Chapter, Allen Edson, President, NAACP Pasadena, NBBA (Neighbors Building a Better Altadena), LA Progressive.


Allen Edson, President
Eve Reid - Treasurer
Ron Matthews, 1st Vice President
Nicole Bernard, 2nd Vice President
Juanita West-Tillman, Secretary
Tommye Martin, Asst. Secretary

Allisonne Crawford
Alma Stokes
Dominick Correy
Florence Annang
Jacquelyne James
Jouslynn Griffin
Laura Hamilton
Lynnette West-Cater
Mark Sutton
Prentist Deadrick
Rian Barrett
Sharon Strong
Sherene Young
Taylor Morton
Tisha Washington
Tommye Martin ​

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